The 'third person' narrative is very dull isn't - I'd much rather be speaking to you directly!! Emma and I have been extremely fortunate to have been able to make the music we love for over twenty years now. We haven't always played folk music - we started off, aged 16, playing in a Jazz band together and meandered through Rock, Roots, Soul and Blues bands before being entranced by the stories from our traditional songs.

I started playing solo acoustic/roots music in 2009 and after three years and three albums Emma joined me behind the microphone to 'make things sound even better' (her words not mine!). Since then we've released an album - Playing Up - together, played around the country from Gloucester all the way to Scotland at folk clubs, festivals, pubs and even someone's front room!. We have been fortunate enough to be part of the 'Gloucestershire Traditions' project which has researched and published online folk songs collected in Gloucestershire and we're working on a new album to be released in 2017.

Martin - October 2016